Rug Cleaning

Rugs are always precious to their owners, and that's why NYC Carpet believes that each piece deserves special attention. Before we clean a rug, we always check it first for It's particular condition, including age, and discoloration. Through this, we can work out what cleaning method will suit it best.

We follow a specific procedure – vacuuming, washing, grooming and climate-controlled drying – on all our rugs. And our biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions are effective in removing soil and dirt, but gentle on your rug's material and your children's health.

We are experienced in dealing with spills, spots, stains and color fading. Whether your rug is Persian, wool, silk or synthetic, we can restore it to its former glory. And just so you know we're serious, we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work.

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